Blogger in Training

I have decided I need a little help becoming a better blogger/writer so I’m taking a fundamentals course.  I know I’ve been at this for a while but I also know my writing can be better.  You are probably going to see some different types of posts as I work through the learning process so bear with me.

This is kind of a rookie, getting back to basics or maybe just getting to the basics post so I’m going to revisit why I started blogging in the first place.  Besides the fact that my wife, Bonnie, suggested I write something about my ongoing recovery from a traumatic brain injury, whether it be a book, blog or just a journal, I had been thinking about sharing my journey back from the edge since I could actually think again.  Once she gave me permission, so to speak, I dove in heads first.  I thought it would be easy to write about my recovery since so many wonderful things had happened in my life since the accident but putting them on paper or on a computer screen sounds a lot easier than it actually is.

I wanted to reach out to others with similar struggles and share with them the fact that there is genuine hope after a catastrophic tragedy like a brain injury.  Many times, though, I found that the condition made it quite difficult to write about the condition.  Dealing with fatigue far worse than I ever felt before the injury, my newly acquired dyslexia, memory loss that I forgot about or tried to dismiss and a very serious lack of motivation were factors that made hope hard to concentrate on.

I found that Bonnie’s support and the support of our children and grandchildren gave me reason to keep trying.  The blog has served multiple purposes.  It has, of course, given me the opportunity to share but it has also given me the chance on more than one occasion to vent so don’t be surprised if I do that in the future as well.  I hope that I have been able to encourage some people going through tough times and I will continue to try and share what I’ve experienced both good and not so good.

About Rodney Smith

Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. Enjoying my second chance and sharing hope.
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5 Responses to Blogger in Training

  1. Hi there Rodney, I just finished the blogging fundamentals as well! I am happy to see your post, well done. Thank you also for sharing hope after traumatic brain injury–I’m sure so many will benefit from your posts. I have followed you now, and I am at if you want to check out my blog. 🙂


  2. Staci Boomer says:

    I think you are doing a fantastic job blogging! Thank you for being so open and honest! We were so blessed to meet you and get to spend time with you here in Georgia. Sure do miss you guys! Love ya! Staci Boomer

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  3. Like you I am going through treatment that has reawakened my voice but found myself stumbling around the blogosphere , unable to get past the technicalities. So now I will go back and do this again and look forward to Rediscovering the basics. Good luck with your recovery and your blog , adrienne

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