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Another Little Blessing

Had it not been for the injury,  I would probably still be in Georgia working my tail off and freaking out over a few snow flakes.  Instead, I’m enjoying this beautiful winter wonderland in West Virginia.  Had it not been for … Continue reading

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TBI… Blessings in disguise

As tragic as my TBI appeared, and it was quite serious, there are many good things that came out of the situation. I was no longer able to do my job as a network engineer.  I had worked very hard … Continue reading

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Just another day

It’s Wednesday May 14th 2008, just another day.  Really, it was just another day, in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month and almost the middle of the year.  It was beautiful weather, a little cool … Continue reading

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At the edge…

I find myself standing at the edge of a vast chasm of sorts.  As I look across, it is not unlike the Grand Canyon with its ragged edges and stony walls.  All I can see as I look down into … Continue reading

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